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Meadows Architecture, PLLC

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1530 N. Gregson St
Suite 2F
Durham, NC 27701
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    Sustainable design practice is central to the mission of Meadows Architecture, so much so that the “-eco” extension on our website and email addresses is a point of pride.

    Sustainability can mean a lot of things, but to us the focus is always on energy efficiency, the natural environment, and local materials and craftspeople. By building in a way which directs our senses toward the natural beauty around us our homes can promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. And when we utilize local businesses, products, and artisans, we not only reduce the carbon emissions related to transportation and shipping, but we also help to bolster the local economy and provide economic incentives for further investment in the State.

    It is the pride of Meadows Architecture to celebrate the environment, heritage, and economy of North Carolina.

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