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Feb 2018 Presidential Resolution

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February 13, 2018

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Holly Fraccaro, CEO
Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange & Chatham
HBA of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties Ratifies Presidential Resolution
DURHAM, NC (February 16, 2018) – The Home Builders Association (HBA) of Durham, Orange & Chatham (DOC) Counties is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors ratified the following Presidential Resolution on February 13, 2018.
FEBRUARY 13, 2018
WHEREAS a vital component of the mission of the Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties is to support the American Dream of homeownership through advocacy, and
WHEREAS every new home generates up to 130 new jobs and residential construction is also vital to our local economy by providing shelter to a population whose growth rate is among the highest in the nation, and
WHEREAS there is an overall shortage of skilled tradespeople necessary to keep the residential construction industry healthy, with the average worker’s age in the 50’s and insufficient promotion to attract young people into the skilled trades industries, and
WHEREAS foreign-born workers comprise 24% of total construction employment in North Carolina, who are providing what the economy really needs: a reasonably priced and available labor source for those jobs that Americans have little interest or competitive advantage in filling, and our best construction workers are considering leaving because of the political climate or are being deported, and
WHEREAS a failure to address this perilous problem which will certainly stall the construction expansion that would otherwise occur, and our nation’s fabric and backbone has traditionally been strengthened by the sweat of immigrant labor that built this country, and is indeed today building the future of America, and
WHEREAS our elected officials are at long last considering a comprehensive immigration policy reform that although addressing the sympathetic case of the so-called Dreamers fails to positively address the legal leadership to foster a welcome environment for foreign-born skilled laborers,
THEREFORE, we, the HBA of Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties, hereby call upon our Congressional Delegation and State Legislature to remember how important immigration is to each and every one of us for today and the future of America, and to exercise leadership in reinvigorating the state and national conversation to take into account our reasonable and justified concerns. Complacency is not an option.
Ratified by the Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties on the 13th of February, 2018.
Signed by 2018 HBA DOC Board President Gian Hasbrock and 2018 HBA DOC Board Treasurer/Secretary John Winston, this resolution is in compliance with the HBA DOC mission of supporting the American Dream of homeownership through education, advocacy, and professional development.
Founded in 1962, the HBA DOC is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the North Carolina Home Builders Association. It has more than 600 members who are builders, developers, subcontractors, suppliers, and professionals in businesses related to residential construction. For more information, visit or call 919-493-8899.

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